Famous Seamus are nothing if not philanthropic. As such, we encourage (we have thumb screws) our authors to make some sort of contribution to a charity that is relevent to them and / or their work. Whether this be a collection at their launch, a percentage of the profits, both, or something totally different, is entirely at the discretion of the writer.

Currently, we are looking forward to raising funds for:

The Clutha Trust

The Clutha Trust provides access to the arts and music to young people and the disadvantaged. It's a great charity that works on a real grassroots level and significantly changes the lives of some children.

Brighton Women's Centre


The Brighton Women's Centre empowers women and children to improve their life chances and lead independent lives by reducing inequalities through the provision of holistic and integrated services.

Social Anxiety Ireland

Social Anxiety Ireland is a non-profit organisation, compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by social anxiety, along with raising national awareness about the condition, its implications and the available treatment options.