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The Mischief Maker by Simon Maree
7.99 GBP

A paranormal tale with a twist.

Joe has a problem. He is falling for his new housemate, nothing bad there you might say, but Joe is a poltergeist and this sort of thing just isn't meant to happen.

For Eva - Selected Poems 1990 - 2016 by Dr. Jim Ferguson
5.99 GBP

For Eva' provides snapshots of the poetry Ferguson has been writing over three decades.

The poems vary in subject matter. Some poems are short and snappy while others are extended meditations on modern life here on planet earth.

Also available as an eBook through Amazon.

More Micks Than Dicks by Peter O'Neill
9.99 GBP

A Hybrid Beckettian Novella in 3 Genres

Also available as an eBook through Amazon.